Right before the start of the 2016 Zurich Chess Chellange, main Sponsor Oleg Skvortsov will play an exhibition match against GM Boris Gelfand at 3 pm that will be broadcasted live on our site. Being a strong competitive player himself who was rated around 2300 in his active days, Skvortsov will be granted only a small advantage on the clock: Gelfand will have 20 minutes plus 10 seconds per move, and Skvortsov 40 minutes plus 10 seconds per move respectively.

Skvortsov frequently challenges top Grandmasters for private rapid matches and not without success - he has several wins and draws even against world class players at his credit. His playing style is, as opposed to his appearance as a businessman, quite aggressive, which gave him a reputation as a strong tactician.

As the russian oligarch chose the black pieces against Gelfand, we're looking forward to seeing what strategy he will come up to withstand the strong positional play by his world-class opponent.