The first game of the Morozevich - Gelfand Exhibition match started along well-trodden paths: Queen to b3 was the variation Moro chose to overcome Gelfand's Grunfeld defense. Not a bad choice, as the position very soon became complicated.

And it became even more complex, when Morozevich drove the black bishop on f5 back to d7 with a brave pawn advance in front of his own king. However, in return white was able to push his d-pawn forward, protected and supported by the white rook on d1. Gelfand seemed to be in trouble, but with a couple of fine defensive moves, he managed to eliminate the strong passer and with it all of white's hopes to get a winning advantage. In a bloodless ending with both sides having two rooks and a knight, the players agreed to a draw.

Game two will start at 6pm with Gelfand now having the white pieces.

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