The second and final game of the Exhibition match between Alexander Morozevich and Boris Gelfand followed, just like today's games of the main tournament, a dramatic path: First, Morozevich allowed his opponent to win a pawn and gain a probably decisive advantage, then Gelfand returned the favour and the position became drawish only to see Moro blunder again. But this time for good.

In a calm Bogo-Indian, the structure soon became similar to the Sicilian Maroczy, where white has a bind with pawns on c4 and e4 against a seemingly weak pawn on d6. Black, however, had some space advantage on the queenside in return, plus a couple of very active knights. As the game went on, Gelfand managed to tame those knights and drive them back into the black camp. After that the Israeli Grandmaster managed to open the position and gained a pawn with a nice little trap that, if black had fallen into it, would have cost him his king.

Morozevich avoided the pitfall and continued to fight - and it seemed that he succeeded when Gelfand comitted an inaccuracy that cost him his extra pawn and pushed the game into an ending with queens and opposite-colored bishops. It appeared to be only a matter of minutes until the players agreed a draw, but then, completely out of the blue, Morozevich overlooked a simple pawn push by his opponent that opened a track for the white bishop towards the black king. The Russian now found himself in a deadly attack that he could only stop at the cost of two pawns. In a hopeless position, he had to resign and congratulate Gelfand on his 1,5:0,5 win in their match.

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