The 2nd round of the Zurich Chess Challenge again saw some fantastic fighting games on a very high level. Indian Viswanathan Anand scored his second victory in a row and thus made perfectly clear that, after his loss to Nakamura in the Armageddon decider last year, he's all ready to go for the tournament victory again.

The first game of the Morozevich - Gelfand Exhibition match started along well-trodden paths: Queen to b3 was the variation Moro chose to overcome Gelfand's Grunfeld defense. Not a bad choice, as the position very soon became complicated.

The Zurich Chess Challenge 2016 has started with three exciting games and one winner: The Indian Viswanathan Anand outplayed Armenian Levon Aronian in a seemingly calm Four Knights' Game, that suddenly came to live when white allowed his pawn structure to be damaged, but in return got a strong knight on f5, the open f-file and an attack.

The tournament's favorite Hikaru Nakamura made his ambitions to win the competiton again perfectly clear with a convincing victory in the Opening Blitz that was held to determine the starting numbers and colors for the Rapid. Even a loss in the last round against Indian Viswanathan Anand couldn't stop the "H-bomb" from finishing clear first with 3,5 out of five.

The opening ceremony of the 2016 Zurich Challenge will start at 6 pm with, among other, a musical performance of three famous musician:

ilya gringoltsIlya Gringolts will play the Stradivari and is, according to Financial Times, "one of the most inspirational violinists today". He's born in 1982 in St. Petersburg (then Leningrad) Gringolts and studied violin there with Tatiana Liberova and Jeanna Metallidi. Afterwards, he attended the Juilliard School, and studied violin with Itzhak Perlman for 3 years.

Gringolts is currently on the music faculty of the "Zürcher Hochschule der Künste". In addition to the modern violin, he has a continued commitment to period-instrument performance. He founded the Gringolts Quartet in 2008 and plays first violin in the quartet. Gringolts plays the "ex-Kiesewetter" Stradivarius violin, loaned to him by the Stradivari Society of Chicago.


bors andrianovBoris Andrianov is also one of the most gifted Russian musicians of his generation. He has gained his reputation thanks to his successful performances at: the XIth International Tschaikovsky Competition (Moscow, 1998) - the third prize and a bronze medal; International Cello Antonio Janigro Competition (Zagreb, Croatia) - the first prize and all the special prizes. Andrianov's talent was recognized by well-known musicians, such as Mstislav Rostropovich and Daniil Shafran who said:"Boris Andrianov is probably one of the most talented cellists of Russia at present."
Since 2005 Boris plays on Montagnana cello from Russian State Collection.


illarionovDmitry Illarionov is one of the most talented guitarists of modern Russia, who, despite his youth is already being called "a virtuoso of extra class." He was born in 1979 in Chisinau. At the age of seven years began studying classical guitar. According to Illarionov, this passion has come "by itself" as a family of musicians has never been.

Illarionov is the winner and laureate of numerous international competitions in the USA, Spain, Poland, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Russia. These include the Grand Prix in the VI International Promotional Competition "Guitar Talents' Review" (Gdańsk, Poland - 1999) and the title of "The Greatest Hope" in the "Tenth Gdańsk Meeting of Guitarists"; First Prize and Prize of Public in the VIII International Guitar Competition in Coria (Spain - 2004); First Prize in the Russian International Guitar Competition - "Guitar in Russia" in Voronezh (Russia - 2002).