Please take note, that according the the rules of the Zurich Chess Challenge 2016 the winner of a Rapid game earns 2 points for the Overall Standings, in case of a draw each player earns 1 point and the loser 0 points.

In the Blitz tournament that follows on Monday, February 15, however, the winner earns 1 point, by a draw each player half a point and the loser 0 point.


Round 1 - Sat, February 13th, 3:00 pm

White BlackRes.
Alexei Shirov-Vladimir Kramnik1:1
Hikaru Nakamura-Anish Giri1:1
Viswanathan Anand-Levon Aronian2:0

Round 2 - Sat, February 13th, 6:00 pm

White BlackRes.
Vladimir Kramnik-Levon Aronian1:1
Anish Giri-Viswanathan Anand0:2
Alexei Shirov-Hikaru Nakamura0:2

Round 3 - Sun, February 14th, 3:00 pm

White BlackRes.
Hikaru Nakamura-Vladimir Kramnik1:1
Viswanathan Anand-Alexei Shirov1:1
Levon Aronian-Anish Giri1:1

Round 4 - Sun, February 14th, 6:00 pm

White BlackRes.
Vladimir Kramnik-Anish Giri2:0
Alexei Shirov-Levon Aronian0:2
Hikaru Nakamura-Viswanathan Anand1:1

Round 5 - Mon, February 15th, 3:00 pm

White BlackRes.
Viswanathan Anand-Vladimir Kramnik1:1
Levon Aronian-Hikaru Nakamura0:2
Anish Giri-Alexei Shirov1:1


Round 1 - Mon, February 15th

White BlackRes.
Vladimir Kramnik-Alexei Shirov1:0
Anish Giri-Hikaru Nakamura0:1
Levon Aronian-Viswanathan Anand0:1

Round 2 - Mon, February 15th

White BlackRes.
Hikaru Nakamura-Alexei Shirov½:½
Viswanathan Anand-Anish Giri½:½
Levon Aronian-Vladimir Kramnik0:1

Round 3 - Mon, February 15th

White BlackRes.
Vladimir Kramnik-Hikaru Nakamura½:½
Anish Giri-Levon Aronian½:½
Alexei Shirov-Viswanathan Anand0:1

Round 4 - Mon, February 15th

White BlackRes.
Levon Aronian-Alexei Shirov1:0
Viswanathan Anand-Hikaru Nakamura½:½
Anish Giri-Vladimir Kramnik½:½

Round 5 - Mon, February 15th

White BlackRes.
Alexei Shirov-Anish Giri0:1
Hikaru Nakamura-Levon Aronian1:0
Vladimir Kramnik-Viswanathan Anand½:½

Exhibition match

Round 1 - Sat, February 13th

White BlackRes.
Alexander Morozevich-Boris Gelfand½:½

Round 2 - Sat, February 13th

White BlackRes.
Boris Gelfand-Alexander Morozevich1:0

Opening Blitz

The Opening Blitz Tournament has no influence on the overall result, but is played to determine the starting number of each player

Round 1 - Fr, February 12th

White BlackRes.
Vladimir Kramnik-Anish Giri½:½
Hikaru Nakamura-Levon Aronian1:0
Alexei Shirov-Viswanathan Anand½:½

Round 2 - Fr, February 12th

White BlackRes.
Levon Aronian-Alexei Shirov0:1
Anish Giri-Viswanathan Anand0:1
Vladimir Kramnik-Hikaru Nakamura0:1

Round 3 - Fr, February 12th

White BlackRes.
Alexei Shirov-Vladimir Kramnik½:½
Hikaru Nakamura-Anish Giri1:0
Viswanathan Anand-Levon Aronian0:1

Round 4 - Fr, February 12th

White BlackRes.
Anish Giri-Levon Aronian0:1
Vladimir Kramnik-Viswanathan Anand½:½
Hikaru Nakamura-Alexei Shirov½:½

Round 5 - Fr, February 12th

White BlackRes.
Viswanathan Anand-Hikaru Nakamura1:0
Alexei Shirov-Anish Giri½:½
Levon Aronian-Vladimir Kramnik0:1